Sunday, December 10, 2006

How Quickly Things Can Change - and My Dogs

I now think I have a handle on the clomid cycle. Turns out my period started in the gray zone, around 2pm, so the question was which day to count as CD1. We went with the following day, I guess it is better to error on that side, which means I start my clomid today, CD5. I am not temping, should I be temping? The RE's office wants me to start OPK's on CD10 - I hate those things, they make me crazy!

In other news, our home inspection went fairly well, although there were a couple of big ticket items (high radon, very common in my state) and electrical issues. So I will spend Monday calling people for estimates before our inspection deadline hits on Wednesday. I think we are just going to ask for a reduction in the price, but the house is an estate, so there is really no telling what will happen.

And now, completely changing the subject, I can't believe it has taken me three blogs to talk about my dogs. My boys are really like my kids, in fact, they are probably more spoiled than I want my kids! They are both from the shelter, both hound dog mixes (found over a year a part) and both the most lovable, cuddly dogs I have ever known. They are also brothers through and through. Anyway, they are pretty much the reason I can find a smile everyday...I am officially a crazy dog person. All of my pictures of them are on my laptop, I will try to post one soon.

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