Monday, July 23, 2007

So Not Pregnant

So, we are supposed to start trying again in August...but, I last month we were up in the mountains, having a good time, saw some cervical mucous and decided to try the "relax and it will happen" method....ha ha ha. So...back to the drawing board!

I have 4 more weeks of school and then get a one week break. I am headed to Branson, MO with my family and am looking forward to not doing much of anything besides swimming in the lake and reading Harry Potter!!

I am still checking in on all of you and am hoping for the best! If I EVER have anything to report, you will be the first to know!


Baby Blues said...

Hi Click! Decided to go private. I'd love you to visit my blog. Please email me at so I could send you an invitation. See you there!

LJ said...

Sorry about the negative, but it sounds like you have some nice plans for your time off. Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

hope you enjoy your vacay. Sorry things are dragging along for you. It sucks.

TeamWinks said...

Say hi to my family when you're in Branson! They live there. Too bad we aren't there at the same time. Have fun!