Sunday, March 25, 2007

The TRUE Fertile Effort

Since I won't we trying to conceive for a few months, I decided that once and for all I would make some positive changes in my life...for my health. I have done it all, a little acupuncture here, a little wheat grass there, but I have never fully committed myself to a regimen. Well, in the footsteps of Julia Indichova, the author of Inconceivable I am going to do my best and go balls out.

I am spending this week getting my plan of action together and hope that if I journal here, I might actually do it! I am not sure if anyone is still reading, but if anyone is interested in buddying up, I would love the company.


Baby Blues said...

I'm still reading! If the 2ww ends in a bust, we're going on a three month break and go natural. I'm planning to start going to the gym again. Get fit and eat healthy! Sure I'll buddy up with you. But I'm still hoping for a BFP so I could gain happy pregnancy pounds without the guilt.

CLicK said...

Thank baby blues! I will hope that you are NOT my buddy in all of this :) Will be checking in on you!!

Stephanie said...

Way to go! You can do it! I have tried many times to jump on the healthy band wagon and have fallen off many times. I know better than to try to do it again at this point in my life. Too crazy in my world at the moment. Best of luck to you!