Friday, March 16, 2007

Moving on...

to IVF. Not sure exactly when, but will be with the next year. Genetic testing, AMH(?), Doppler Ultrasound to be completed in the next few months...and I will begin nursing school in May. If for any reason I can't complete the program they will let me finish with another cohort and, if I have never mentioned how much I love my is why:

I received the following email from her a few days ago...discussing that we will most likely do IVF during a one month break I have - transfer in the 1st week of break and then have 3 weeks to relax as necessary.

"Waiting will not in any way affect your chances. I personally would like to see you finish the program since you will be a fantastic nurse and hopefully may consider doing infertility."

Yep, love her, love her, love her and considering they are a top clinic in the nation...also have a lot of faith in her.

Anyway, it might be a mistake and it might not, but it is the best decision for us, right now.

Will most likely be checking in on the rest of and new cycle sista's, but will post if I have any updates.

My best wishes to you all!


Baby Blues said...

I'm so glad you're moving on. Good luck on the nursing program, I just know you'll do great. And for moving up to IVF, it's scary but keep in mind that it's a much promising chance and a higher success rate. I can't wait to see you get your "someday" soon.

Carey said...

Doing IVF and going to school is completely doable, esp. if you have cool faculty that are willing to work with you a bit. At the beginning of each semester, I inform each of my professors of where we are in the IVF process and since you will know way in advance when you are likely to miss class, you can inform them early on. I haven't had any troubles, esp. after my professors hear our story and I'm pretty open about sharing it. (sympathy points) I've discovered that a few of my professors have even had some of the same experiences as me and they are even more compassionate.

That being said, most of my classes allow for 2 absences. I try to use those for IVF stuff. I also work with my clinic to work with my school schedule. For example, Tuesday is my long day, so I try not to schedule anything on a Tuesday. Or if I must go on a Tuesday, I tell the clinic it has to be before 9am. They work with me.

Worst case -- I'll have to take a semester off when we have a baby. I am ok with that and in a graduate program, you just have to complete it within a certain time frame. You are allowed to take a semester off if you need to - again, just make sure your professors are aware of your situation - they're more likely to work with you.

Plus, being in school gives me something else to focus on. Good luck to you!!!!